About us

~ Yoga . Movement . Sound . Art ~

Creative Senses is about our creative soul. We believe that creativity isn’t about how good you’re able to paint, its about the ability to think outside the box. By awakening the senses and calming the mind, we are able to achieve a state of flow and discover our unlimited capabilities. Creative Senses offers classes that are always in the theme of spirituality, movement and creativity. In most classes this will be done by connecting to the senses to then reach flow and expansion.

Who are we? Creative Senses is built of a group professionals with an extensive background knowlegde in the creative arts. With backgrounds ranging from ballet, painting, photography, yoga and music the team has a vast amount of experience to share. With a fluctuating team we keep the organisation dynamic and the schedule versatile. This, while keeping our core values and criteria: high level expert professionals, fun, and a warm welcome for everybody(s)

We offer experiences and classes like Sound Ceremonies, dance classes, yoga, mantra singing, Qigong, painting and photography classes.

We believe that being in the space of the unknown there is no more right or wrong, and we are all the same. Through creativity, which we all have, we are connected.